Thursday, November 18, 2010

VIDEO: Twin Sister - "All Around and Away We Go"

"I'm Smiling 4 2"
It's a THRILL to see this really polished new music video from beloved NY band Twin Sister for one of the first songs we ever loved by them. It's hard to miss the really grade A production value on this piece. The graphics, mattes, composites, choreography, soft focus and lighting - all is beautifully done in a delightfully retro girly style. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude of course. This is really one to be proud of:

Monday, November 15, 2010

ALBUM: Joseph Andreoli - Eye Candy & the Breath of Heaven Themselves

So our friend Joe is half of this totally stellar band Giraffes?Giraffes! who we love. He also likes to take part in the (inter)national album making month.

On top of these already wonderful achievements, he just made a really excellent solo EP called Eye Candy and the Breath of Heaven Themselves.

I know everyone really likes to know what they are getting into ahead of time with listening to something new and unfamiliar but, oh well. This time, trust our judgment and enjoy!

Monday, November 8, 2010

MP3: Crystal Stilts - "Shake the Shackles" New 7"

Bind Me to the Past

Crystal Stilts' Alight of Night (2008) remains one of our most listened-to albums to date. It is for this reason that we are so very excited by the most recent single to come from Crystal Stilts, from a recently released 7-inch entitled "Shake the Shackles."

Crystal Stilts - "Shake the Shackles"

This is the first thing we've heard from them since their 2009 single "Love is a Wave," another huge favorite of ours. And while we are comforted to find that Brad Hargett has retained his super sleepy, Ian-Curtis-esque melancholia, there is something lighter, peppier, and... well, more fucking fun. Not that one normally looks to a Crystal Stilts song for "fun and peppy" necessarily, but what brews under Hargett's voice here is a bubbling, unleashed energy.

Expect a full-length album to be released next year.