Thursday, June 21, 2012

MP3: John Maus - "Bennington"

"I love those fucking eyes."

So we've always loved John Maus' unreleased song "Bennington" for the obvious reason that we ourselves are rad ladies who matriculated at Bennington College... and harbor fantastical delusions of such songs being written about us. Then today we saw this hilarious post over on Ad Hoc declaring the official release of this song - and other rarities - on Ribbon Music. Awesome shit.

Whaaat! It sounds so much better than the shitty quality of the old recording. Pre-order the album here!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

VIDEO: Beach House - "Lazuli"

Beach House's first video off their new album Bloom is for track #3 "Lazuli." The song itself is beautifully languid with delicate, sprawling vocals and climbing melodies. The video depicts various vignettes, including a young girl in front of TV noise dancing as if possessed, a la Ghostbusters/Poltergeist/Lynch.
And the Harmony Korine one with the kid walking around is actually sort of sweet, and the visual effects therein are drool worthy.

This is a beautiful song and while it's a cool video, it's not nearly as lovable as the track. 

VIDEO: My Dry Wet Mess - "Etcetera"

My Dry Wet Mess' new video for "Etcetera" is a psychedelic trip. Directed by visual artist Martin Allais, it mixes animated and "real" imagery. Childhood figures and a nostalgic color aesthetic give the video an ultimately creepy, powerful vibe. Like a cross between a nightmare you just remembered having when you were 5, and a Patrick Daughters video. And the ending, although the audio is rather out of sync, is probably the most poignant part.

My Dry Wet Mess - "Etcetera"

File under "it's awesome," and "just had to diggit."