Friday, June 3, 2011

MP3 & VIDEO: Cass McCombs - "County Line"

I Can Smell The ColumbineCass McCombs released a self-directed video for "County Line," the standout track from his most recent album Wit's End (2011, Domino).

Unfortunately, neither the album nor the video(s) can do justice to this song. One of the best tracks we've heard this year, "County Line" is achingly beautiful. Even after the 100th listen, it maintains - increases, even - the ability to break your heart.

Cass McCombs - "County Line"

With lyrics like You never even tried to love me / What did I have to do to make you want me? it's the kind of song one plays in order to remember how to cry. The openly honest expression of longing and insecurity describes the feeling of being in love with someone who just won't love you back.

Despair. We feel you on that one, man.