Monday, July 25, 2011

VIDEO: Pure X - "Surface" Live @ 285Kent

2 Short, 2 SweetIt brings me a mix of great pain and pleasure to review the footage from Pure X's last visit to the east coast. But it is with love I, along with Weird Magic, present this clip of "Surface" from their show at 285Kent:

My daddy always taught me that between love and sadness, we should always send love out into the world whenever possible. So, all the love in the universe to these guys!

Friday, July 22, 2011

VIDEO: Pure X - "Easy"

Don't Feel Nothin'Pure X's new video for "Easy" came out yesterday. It features some friends of theirs who are in the Austin hardcore S&M scene. Which brings up the larger issue...

...which is: there exists an Austin hardcore S&M scene?? Weird.

Conceptually the imagery for the song works well, making the clear connection to the lyrical message of numbness and apathy, pain and pleasure.

On a separate note, check out Pure X's recent feature in the NY Times. Whaaat. These three guys are some of the best people one could hope to meet, and it is so real to see them being loved on an even grander, highly publicized scale.

Spread the love for Pure X.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

VIDEO: Friends - "Friend Crush"

"Freezing Fridays Fleeing From Me"
Friends have a new video out for "Friend Crush" directed by Matthew Caron and shot by Chris Person and starring Market Hotel.

Diggin' that vaseline glam glow.

Friends - "Friend Crush"

Remember that video we posted of them (with love) from 285Kent? Check out their upcoming Deli Show on July 16th. Pretty sweet huh??

MP3: Big Troubles - "Misery"

I Always Play The ClownBig Troubles are releasing their upcoming full-length Romantic Comedy via Slumberland in September, and they've released the first single.

Big Troubles - "Misery"

Sounding a lot like Corgan with awesome lines like, "I just wanna... I just wanna have some fun." Love these guys.

VIDEO: Kurt Vile - "Baby's Arms"

"I Get Sick of Just About Everyone, And I Hide in My Baby's Arms"

Directed by Todd Cole.

Pretty amazing what you can make with a cell phone that shoots HD these days.