Wednesday, April 6, 2011

VIDEO: Friends - "Sorry" Live at 285Kent

"I Want You to Come... Over to My House, Now."Last Friday was April Fool's night at 285 Kent - as in, you're a fucking fool if you didn't come. Weird Magic's Rezzie joined by Sasha Des'ree (of Sweat) opening up for Dutch Treat, LA BIG VIC and Friends. Notable further still were the epically fun sets by DJ's Etienne and Jan Woo. 'Twas truly a Bushwick family affair for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Samantha, lead voxist in Friends, has got a real lovely Glam Stefani thing going on. Adorning an African-esque onesie and a long black wig (later worn by their stand-up drummer), she danced and charmed her way all over the stage. Until, eventually, she took off into the already thriving crowd to rev up the dance party even another notch, riding on the backs of friends and fans alike, freakin' it with lucky randos, and kissing adoring onlookers. Watch this video we took:

You can get a recorded version of this song "Sorry," complete with heartmelting lyrics, here at Friends' bandcamp. Catch their upcoming show at Monster Island Basement on April 15th with Night Manager, Web Dating, White Fang, and Ava Luna.

**shot by Ben Choiniere

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