Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MP3: Deerhunter - "Nosebleed"

We Mighta Gone Too FarOnce in a while in life, we have revelations about ourselves. A person's level of self-actualization can be judged by how open they are to these key moments of introspection. For us today, it was the realization that we really just fucking love pop music, and it's okay to embrace that for what it is.

Contextually, this admission comes out of wholehearted appreciation for and at the hand of Deerhunter's latest release "Nosebleed," a beloved b-side from their Memory Boy single:

Deerhunter - "Nosebleed"

Bradford Cox knows how to hook 'em in with them catchy choruses. Simple lines like She's takin' off her clothes / And I gotta bloody nose make us bop and smile, and reminisce of classic pop songs of yesteryear, a la Talking Heads' "And She Was" (And she was takin' off her dress...). Feelgood.

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