Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MP3 & VIDEO: Stevie Nicks - "Wild Heart" (Backstage)

Can't Fight It Anymore

There is a wild, innocent beauty to this image of Stevie Nicks backstage in 1981. The three women in billowy white dresses harmonizing carelessly, the ribbons in Stevie's hair blowing freely around her blonde ringlets, her excited bounce after a rest in the music... There's something pure and perfect here, and on this past dreary Sunday, it was just what a few good friends at my house and I needed.

Only problem is, how can you look at something like this and not eventually feel depressed? Sooner or later you have to come to the realization that you will never be able to attain anything so beautiful, and even if you were to do so for a moment, it could only ever be temporary.

Stevie Nicks - "Wild Heart (Backstage, 1981)"

Now everything else just seems like a waste.

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