Thursday, February 25, 2010


"Beer, BBQ, and Babes"

Chick-blogger tour-de-force MICRO-PIXEL-RITES (the ladies of PIXELHORSE, Visitation Rites, and Microphone Memory Emotion) presents you with the best house party of your life. Located at the same awesome spot as the After the Jump Fest house party in 2008 and 2009, the showcase will include beer, BBQ vegan fare, and (so far) the following babes:

Cloud Nothings
Alex Bleeker and the Freaks
Twin Sister
Big Troubles
Family Portrait
Pill Wonder
Pure Ecstasy

1204 Salina St
Thursday 03/18/10

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Will Stratton at Knitting Factory 02/17/10

w/Taken By Trees and El Perro Del Mar
(photo by NYRockMarket)

Will Stratton played a sold-out Knitting Factory show last Wednesday February 17 in Williamsburg, opening up for an amazing lineup: the beautiful Taken By Trees and El Perro Del Mar. Channeling Nick Drake, Stratton performed a lovely acoustic set of songs full of beautiful lyrics and complex guitar-picking. His first song of the night was "Lying in the Dark," which became a PIXELHORSE favorite as soon as we heard it last April as a Stingray Migration song, another project of Stratton's, with fellow Bennington alums Maia Friedman, Michael Chinworth, and more. The solo acoustic version heard at the show on Wednesday, however, was slower, sans-handclaps and more intimate, shedding a softer light on the tune's otherwise hard-edged lyrics.

You can download tons of good stuff at Will Stratton's Bandcamp. And preview a track from Will's upcoming album The Late Romantics, due out this June. We love this one, "Bluebells," featuring a long ambient piano and electric guitar intro, sort of a la Deadman, but prettier:

Will Stratton - "Bluebells"


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MP3: Vampire Weekend - "Ruby Soho"

Part Time Punks' Pop
Man, nothing said suburban New Jersey rebellion like Rancid's top MTV single "Ruby Soho" circa 1995. You loved it, we loved it, and apparently Vampire Weekend loves it. The pasty, prim, and perfectly primped gentleman recorded the tune during a recent BBC session.

Vampire Weekend - "Ruby Soho".mp3 (via Abeano Music)

Now the PIXELWHORES painties ain't droppin' for Vamp Wknd bros on the reg, but who doesn't love a super indulgent pop cover? Destination uuunnnknoowwn...

MP3: The Morning Benders - "Excuses"

Bendin' Yer Face Into a SmileEveryone's shitting themselves over the Morning Benders, from San Francisco, who are clearly just so fucking cool, man. No but seriously, if you don't have a visceral reaction to this song, or the video by Yours Truly (see below) - which has recently been hyped to the X-treme - then you probly don't have a pulse. Or a heart. Whichever, you fucking robot.
Morning Benders - "Excuses".mp3

Pretty stoked to have this legit recording, which the band offered up via their website, cos previously ("previously" = the past 4 days) the PIXELWHORES were groovin' down and makin' love to this bootleg ripped audio mp3 from the video. Life is good, man...

So there's that, just befuckingcause. "Ohh we are so smooth now..."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CONTEST: Ticket Giveaway for Toro Y Moi, Twin Sister and MORE on 02/25!

Comment below to enter to win a ticket to this show.

P-HORSE and MeanRed

VIDEO: George Quartz - "Butterscotch"

"Contortion Porn Distortion"

Song is "Butterscotch" by George Quartz. Video by Philip Clark of DESTROY.HOT.ACTION (which boasts more "fresh porn clips, mangled daily" much like this one). View the grayscale version here.

Real talk... we love this video so fucking much we want to run away with it to the deep mountains of Peru and have babies and grow old and die with it warm in our bed together.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MP3: Hard Mix - "Control This"

"Fresh Greens Outta Greenville"
Fresh outta South Carolina, Hard Mix hits... well, hard. Check this out:

Hard Mix - "Control This"

With sexy tonal vibes along the lines of Toro Y Moi and How to Dress Well & cokc dokc, this track definitely grabbed us first and held us long enough to became sort of enraptured with Hard Mix's sound album full of sweet goggy electro beats. Which we are more than happy to present to you fine readers of discerning taste, because just one song isn't enough:

Hard Mix - Hard Mix

There's lots of lovely, breathy modulated vocals and heavily worked bits of pop songs that are perfectly relevant. Por ejemplo, "One Thing" is a track that got the P-HORSE ladies particularly hot-n-bothered in these new mesh AmAppy undies we just bought. Why? It takes its title and main modulated looping lyric straight outta "My Love."

Another thing JT and Noah (the strapping young lad above and the dude behind Hard Mix) have in common? They're both totally bangable. Yahuh. Just look at that babyface. We love it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Toro Y Moi, Twin Sister, Grandchildren, and VDRK - Crush Party @ Cameo

"Dance Bands We Love"There is a FIERCE show coming up at Cameo gallery two weeks from this Thursday, on February 25. It will be a hipshakin' feetstompin' sweatdrippin' dance party with delicious vibes cooked up from some super hot bands that are on fire:

Twin Sister are a wonderful group getting some great attention as of late for the beautiful dreamy tunes they have been generously birthing into this world. This past week we saw Twin Sister play three different shows organized by Chocolate Bobka in Brooklyn, including one awesomely smooth, vibed-out loft party. (Keep your eye out for upcoming vids from Ray C.) And we can't get enough of them so we're gonna make it show number four. If you were so terribly unfortunate to miss these shows, this is your chance to make it up to yourself. Last week it was "I Want A House" and then "Ginger" that I was singing under my breath all day. Andrea Estella's sweetly idiosyncratic, Bjork-esque vocals make you fall in love with these songs and develop relationships with them. This week we can't stop listening to this one:

Twin Sister - "Nectarine"

Toro Y Moi
is 23-year-old South Carolina native Chaz Bundick who has nuzzled his way into the hearts of just about every blogger and indie music fan around. Because he makes songs so earth-shatteringly hot and geekily sexified. Like his cover of Beach House's "Master of None." His album Causers of This continues to hold a spot in serious PIXELHORSE rotation, on the reg.

Toro Y Moi - "Master of None"

Also playing this not-to-miss show are Grandchildren from Philly and VDRK (also check their sweet blog - good shit to grab up there), two electro groups each with separate individual power to get your pulse goin' in sweet rhythmic groovalocity. Come out to the show and discover these guys' jams and you could be the ones to break them big in 2010. DISCO!

This rad party is brought to you by the funtastic monthly party series Crush, thrown by the ladies at MeanRed Productions, who organize lots of great events and manage BKLYN Yard, a sweet summer venue right on the Gowanus canal.

THURSDAY 02/25/10 8PM

We will be giving away tickets so keep your ear to the HORSE for upcoming deetz.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MP3: Salivary Stones Cassette

Now Available via Chinquapin RecordsDownload this tape called Salivary Stones by Chris Rehm and listen to it loud. It's a mind melter.