Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MP3: Hard Mix - "Control This"

"Fresh Greens Outta Greenville"
Fresh outta South Carolina, Hard Mix hits... well, hard. Check this out:

Hard Mix - "Control This"

With sexy tonal vibes along the lines of Toro Y Moi and How to Dress Well & cokc dokc, this track definitely grabbed us first and held us long enough to became sort of enraptured with Hard Mix's sound album full of sweet goggy electro beats. Which we are more than happy to present to you fine readers of discerning taste, because just one song isn't enough:

Hard Mix - Hard Mix

There's lots of lovely, breathy modulated vocals and heavily worked bits of pop songs that are perfectly relevant. Por ejemplo, "One Thing" is a track that got the P-HORSE ladies particularly hot-n-bothered in these new mesh AmAppy undies we just bought. Why? It takes its title and main modulated looping lyric straight outta "My Love."

Another thing JT and Noah (the strapping young lad above and the dude behind Hard Mix) have in common? They're both totally bangable. Yahuh. Just look at that babyface. We love it.

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