Monday, February 8, 2010

Toro Y Moi, Twin Sister, Grandchildren, and VDRK - Crush Party @ Cameo

"Dance Bands We Love"There is a FIERCE show coming up at Cameo gallery two weeks from this Thursday, on February 25. It will be a hipshakin' feetstompin' sweatdrippin' dance party with delicious vibes cooked up from some super hot bands that are on fire:

Twin Sister are a wonderful group getting some great attention as of late for the beautiful dreamy tunes they have been generously birthing into this world. This past week we saw Twin Sister play three different shows organized by Chocolate Bobka in Brooklyn, including one awesomely smooth, vibed-out loft party. (Keep your eye out for upcoming vids from Ray C.) And we can't get enough of them so we're gonna make it show number four. If you were so terribly unfortunate to miss these shows, this is your chance to make it up to yourself. Last week it was "I Want A House" and then "Ginger" that I was singing under my breath all day. Andrea Estella's sweetly idiosyncratic, Bjork-esque vocals make you fall in love with these songs and develop relationships with them. This week we can't stop listening to this one:

Twin Sister - "Nectarine"

Toro Y Moi
is 23-year-old South Carolina native Chaz Bundick who has nuzzled his way into the hearts of just about every blogger and indie music fan around. Because he makes songs so earth-shatteringly hot and geekily sexified. Like his cover of Beach House's "Master of None." His album Causers of This continues to hold a spot in serious PIXELHORSE rotation, on the reg.

Toro Y Moi - "Master of None"

Also playing this not-to-miss show are Grandchildren from Philly and VDRK (also check their sweet blog - good shit to grab up there), two electro groups each with separate individual power to get your pulse goin' in sweet rhythmic groovalocity. Come out to the show and discover these guys' jams and you could be the ones to break them big in 2010. DISCO!

This rad party is brought to you by the funtastic monthly party series Crush, thrown by the ladies at MeanRed Productions, who organize lots of great events and manage BKLYN Yard, a sweet summer venue right on the Gowanus canal.

THURSDAY 02/25/10 8PM

We will be giving away tickets so keep your ear to the HORSE for upcoming deetz.

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