Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MP3: The Morning Benders - "Excuses"

Bendin' Yer Face Into a SmileEveryone's shitting themselves over the Morning Benders, from San Francisco, who are clearly just so fucking cool, man. No but seriously, if you don't have a visceral reaction to this song, or the video by Yours Truly (see below) - which has recently been hyped to the X-treme - then you probly don't have a pulse. Or a heart. Whichever, you fucking robot.
Morning Benders - "Excuses".mp3

Pretty stoked to have this legit recording, which the band offered up via their website, cos previously ("previously" = the past 4 days) the PIXELWHORES were groovin' down and makin' love to this bootleg ripped audio mp3 from the video. Life is good, man...

So there's that, just befuckingcause. "Ohh we are so smooth now..."

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