Wednesday, September 23, 2009

VIDEO: Glass Ghost - "Like a Diamond"

"Like a Diamond" is Glass Ghost's first single off their upcoming album Idol Omen set to come out 10/27/09 on Austin, TX label Western Vinyl. They'll be touring with White Rabbits, Local Natives, and Suckers:

Glass Ghost Fall Tour

10-11 Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's %
10-17 Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel %*
10-18 Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brendas %*
10-20 Providence, RI - Club Hell &*
10-21 Northampton, MA - Pearl St %
10-22 Burlington, VT - Higher Ground %
10-25 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick %*
10-27 St. Louis, MO - Firebird %*
10-29 Columbia, MO - Blue Note %*
10-30 Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge %
11-1 Pheonix, AZ - The Club House %#
11-2 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey %#
11-4 San Francisco, CA - Slims %#
11-5 Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom %#
11-6 Vancouver, BC - Media Club %#
11-9 Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Street &
11-10 Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall %

% with White Rabbits
* with Suckers
# with Local Natives

TOUR: Real Estate dates with Girls, Vivian Girls, Neon Indian...

Real Estate Fall Tour

10-14 Brooklyn, NY - Monster Island Basement ^
10-15 Charlottesville, VA - The Southern @
10-16 Charlotte, North Carolina - The Milestone
10-17 Atlanta, GA - 529 *
10-18 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506 *
10-19 Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel * #
10-20 Philadelphia, PA - The Barbary * #
10-21 New York, NY - Pianos (Force Field PR CMJ Day Party)
10-21 New York, NY - Santos Party House (Oh My Rockness CMJ party)
10-22 Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands *
10-23 New York, NY - The Delancey (Underwater Peoples Showcase)
10-24 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg (Mexican Summer Showcase)
10-25 New York, NY - The Living Room #
10-30 Storrs, CT - University of Connecticut $
11-02 Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's %
11-03 Washington, DC - Black Cat %
11-04 Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie %
11-06 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom %
11-07 Boston, MA - Great Scott %
11-09 Montreal, Quebec - Il Motore %
11-10 Toronto, Ontario - El Mocambo %
11-12 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle %

^ with Big Troubles
@ with Andrew Cedermark
* with Japandroids
# with Neon Indian
$ with Vivian Girls
% with Girls

Mmmm. Smell that? CMJ is in the air!

Real Estate's LP comes out 11/17/09 on Woodsist.

Track list:
1. Beach Comber
2. Pool Swimmers
3. Suburban Dogs
4. Black Lake
5. Atlantic City
6. Fake Blues
7. Green River
8. Suburban Beverage
9. Lets Rock The Beach
10. Snow Days

What happened to "Basement?" While most of us have already been lovin these tracks for a while already, it's still a highly anticipated release. It means we get a super sweet slew of tour dates. It features newly mastered versions of popular faves "Fake Blues" (demo version but on 4 track) "Beach Comber," and a stellar new version of "Atlantic City"(a personal fave) that is slowed-down and tripped-out, and streamable via their MySpace.

MP3: Twigz - "Sea Sheets" (Sea Sick mix by Altitude Sickness)"

Twigz is a band of bros from Bennington, VT and Amherst, MA who recently shared the stage with Real Estate. (Libxartsxcollegexcore.) They make psychedelic jams that you can dig on over at their newly nascent MySpace page like "Kakoon," which sounds like a sweet Dodos hit with a lovely lil strings section. Below is a personal fave track, a remix by Twigz's buddy in Jersey, Altitude Sickness.

Twigz - Sea Sheets (Sea Sick mix by Altitude Sickness).mp3

Friday, September 18, 2009

POGO... has indeed been busy.

At the beginning of last summer, a wonderful song/video was brought to my attention - "Alice" by the mysterious Pogo. All of his songs are made of sound clips from movies. "Alice" ended up becoming a fave, but sadly as I waited for further next creations he fell off my radar.

As the title in Pogo's YouTube profile suggests, he has indeed been busy. Since "Alice," he has made songs from some of my all time favorite childhood movies: The Secrete Garden, Mary Poppins, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory etc etc.

Conceptually, Pogo is quite interesting and the videos are fun to watch. However, after watching more than 3 of Pogo's new mixes, I can't help but feel that the similarities become inescapably noticeable. These great children's movies have so many unique aspects, the lack of creativity or variety of technique is a letdown. He runs the risk of being limited to just a gimmick. But... still, fun to watch.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chairlift @ Emo's 09/11/09

Bunny here. So I just moved to Austin recently, and right away I get wise to a Chairlift and Micachu show set for 09/11/09 at Emo's downtown. Not a few months ago Lucky Child and I were turned away from a sold out Micachu show at Pianos in NYC. This time, I bought tickets in advance only to arrive and find out that there would be no Micachu. Not that night. Not there. No sir. I was more than disappointed.

But I got over it.

Chairlift was out of control amazing. Caroline Polachek is an undeniable star. Her stage presence is huge; her beauty and talent boundless. The band - comprised of Polachek, Aaron Pfenning, and bassist Kyle McCabe - formed while Polachek and Pfenning were at the University of Colorado. They started playing together in a haunted house at a Halloween party. Pfenning is no slouch himself. His singing and guitar playing are worth noting, but sadly, his talent was completely overshadowed by the enormity of Polachek's.

Their set-list included faves, such as: "Evident Utensil" (holla to Harper Lee!!), "Planet Health" (my personal favorite), "Earwig Town", "Garbage" and they ended with (sadly, of course, half the crowd only came for this hit) "Bruises." Polachek luckily salvaged this mega hit for those "full album fans" by grabbing some stix and totally wailing on the drums.

VIDEO: Alex Bleeker and the Freakshow @ Glasslands Gallery 09/14/09

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks (Nate "Skippy" Luce) played with Invisible Hand this past Sunday at Glasslands Gallery. Their super chillers set had us feeling like we were sitting around with buds at a campfire, praying the summer never ends. Watch Bleeker channel Jerry and Neil simultaneously, and feel the warmth in the vids that follow. Maybe you'll get that Indian summer you're wishin' for.

"King of the Mountain." Never goin' back to school."Never Goin' Back to School." Bennington love makes me sad sometimes. Bleek's got that nostalgia thing on lock.

"Beneath the Weeping Willow Tree" is a modified Liam the Younger cover. Jersey love for the Underwater Peeps bros.

This is a sad song called "Common Sense."

Watch out for the Freaks album due out in a few weeks on Underwater Peeps, and maybe if you're good, a preview track before then.

And catch Bleeker shredding bass in Real Estate at one of their 10 tour dates Girls later this fall, which he just informed me will include a show in Canada. International, bro, it's hapnun'.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yura Yura Teikoku on Tour with Yo La Tengo

Tokyo-based psych rock band Yura Yura Teikoku opened for Yo La Tengo Tuesday night (09/15/09) at Higher Ground in Burlington, one of a few shows they played on YLT's tour. You can catch their next show at the MHW with Jessica 6 tomorrow. (And YLT tomorrow in DC with Endless Boogie.) Signed with Mesh-Key, Yura Yura Teikoku's music is loud, beautiful, and fun. Some of it is downright haunting, some of it makes you want to catch some tasty tubes, and all of it makes you feel like you could be in a scene from that Sofia Coppola movie with Scarlett Johansson.

Oh, and Yo La Tengo's new stuff is just the best.

(added by LUCKY CHILD 09/18/09)

VIDEO: Your Nature - "Triangle Eyes"

Your Nature performing "Triangle Eyes" at the Annex 09/09/09. Watch VIDEO.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye VMA Taylor Swift Beyonce award blah blah blah

This shit is funny. But, Taylor Swift has some HUGE fuggin' teef! Check that shit out -

That's some freaky alien shit, bro.

Your Nature @ The Annex 09/09/09

Your Nature (formerly Frankpollis) returned to play their first show at the Annex since their month-long residency there this past May. The band was confident and comfortable in the venue that they, by now, know so well. They even came complete with their lil posse of female hotties who bounced and sang along front and center, to hits such as "Cherokee Blood" (which some of us know as a Lux Perpetua Look Alike original) and "Triangle Eyes." But it wasn't their hits that stood out at this show as much as it was the new tracks they performed, "Slow Summer" and "Good Face." Both tracks show how the band is truly evolving from Frankpollis to Your Nature, and the markedly growing presence of Mr. Malcolm Perkins. The Pixelwhores feel this is a sign of good things to come for Your Nature. Can't wait to see what these guys do next.

Check out the band's myspace and more vids of the show to come.

MP3: Panda Bear - "Boneless" live at ATP

Just a little taste of the magic of the second annual All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in Monticello, NY this past weekend. Panda Bear's live version of the Notwist's "Boneless" is pretty super awesome, but then again, so was everything else about the set.

Panda Bear - Boneless (liveATP).mp3
(via gvb)

Download the whole set here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

ALBUM: Jackson Emmer - PEN-PAL

There is a familiar youthful longing throughout Pen-Pal, the new album from Jackson Emmer that we were lucky enough to receive straight from the handsome devil himself. Childhood memories like "If you weren't seven years old, you would have shown me yours and I would have shown you mine," make frequent appearances. Emmer describes his latest musical endeavor as a group of songs that "are all based on human correspondence. They are inspired by distance, separation, communication and reunion." As a whole, the album can be characterized by a lone banjo and sprawling vocals, peppered with some super raunchy lyrical bits that verge on eroticism. ("The space between our sentences becomes erect, and starts to poke us at both ends, beginning and behind, stiff as the silence.) It's those delightful, almost inappropriate surprises that make Emmer's music more than just nostalgic pining for childhood.

Download/stream it here and also be sure to check out the Open Face Record Collective and all their awesome artists, such as the delectable divas of Mountain Man.

Here's "Was It Winnie" for your streaming pleasure.

"Come watch me bleed, I need you more than ever."

By the by... if you dig Jackson Emmer, then we've got a hunch you'll also really dig Horse's Mouth.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

ALBUM: Jay Z - Blueprint III

Blueprint III leaked. I have a hard time reconciling the whole anti-autotune hypocrisy shlameel. Does it make you a shitty artist and all-around testicle-less fuckface to use auto-tune or not?? We must know! The albums starts out strong with "D.O.A" third and is followed up tightly by "Run This Town," but then later at least three tracks out of the total fifteen have auto-tune on em. Ohwellwhatever, as long as he isn't "T-Pain'n too much." Goofy discrepancies aside, he's still a handsome fuggin beast. If you don't want to download the leak, you can stream it legally here (via MTV). M'eh. The footage of Jay and Beyonce at the Grizzly Bear Jelly show is arguably more entertaining:

Oh wait... No it's not. Well this is better, for sure:

You're right, Bill. Otis Redding, he ain't. He's also not Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong, or Ray Charles. Silly white people like you and me have a habit of mistaking many beloved black musicians for one another. Oh man, I really wish he'd said, "A regular Chaka Khan, isn't he??"


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

VIDEO: Insound 10th Anniversary Party - These Are Powers and Suckers 08/27/09

Duuude this party was totes sweet. I saw Mischa Barton (she said rehab was fab, btw, and she did NOT look fat...) AND the dudes from Real Estate! The bassist - you know, that dude from Alex Bleeker and the Freaks - tooootally signed my boob, after some serious convincing. I'm serial. For cereals. THEN I bowled a 320. Rage!
So, I was too busy bowling and missed Real Estate's set, (FUCK!), but I guess it's cool cos I gots these:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009