Thursday, September 3, 2009

ALBUM: Jay Z - Blueprint III

Blueprint III leaked. I have a hard time reconciling the whole anti-autotune hypocrisy shlameel. Does it make you a shitty artist and all-around testicle-less fuckface to use auto-tune or not?? We must know! The albums starts out strong with "D.O.A" third and is followed up tightly by "Run This Town," but then later at least three tracks out of the total fifteen have auto-tune on em. Ohwellwhatever, as long as he isn't "T-Pain'n too much." Goofy discrepancies aside, he's still a handsome fuggin beast. If you don't want to download the leak, you can stream it legally here (via MTV). M'eh. The footage of Jay and Beyonce at the Grizzly Bear Jelly show is arguably more entertaining:

Oh wait... No it's not. Well this is better, for sure:

You're right, Bill. Otis Redding, he ain't. He's also not Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong, or Ray Charles. Silly white people like you and me have a habit of mistaking many beloved black musicians for one another. Oh man, I really wish he'd said, "A regular Chaka Khan, isn't he??"



  1. Ok so Jay-Z isn't Otis Redding. But Obama IS Hitler...

    If you think Mr. Carter is handsome check out this interview. You can tell he is mainstream now because, Americans love people who kick ass and then are really humble about it...

    I think his point on the DOA thing is that it is a tool which can be used and misused to great effect, but it can also be overused. Lets not forget that this guy produced the Blueprint III...

    "No room service just snacks and shit"...

  2. Thanks, BC.
    Yo my post got taken down briefly! I put it back up without the link to the leak.
    Damn the man, save the empire!