Friday, September 18, 2009

POGO... has indeed been busy.

At the beginning of last summer, a wonderful song/video was brought to my attention - "Alice" by the mysterious Pogo. All of his songs are made of sound clips from movies. "Alice" ended up becoming a fave, but sadly as I waited for further next creations he fell off my radar.

As the title in Pogo's YouTube profile suggests, he has indeed been busy. Since "Alice," he has made songs from some of my all time favorite childhood movies: The Secrete Garden, Mary Poppins, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory etc etc.

Conceptually, Pogo is quite interesting and the videos are fun to watch. However, after watching more than 3 of Pogo's new mixes, I can't help but feel that the similarities become inescapably noticeable. These great children's movies have so many unique aspects, the lack of creativity or variety of technique is a letdown. He runs the risk of being limited to just a gimmick. But... still, fun to watch.


  1. I agree about the 'gimmicky' aspect. These are great, but it would be cool for another story to emerge, or for the real story to shift a little. Stranger sound contrasts! All in all definitely worth pulling out of the everything bin and checking out

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