Thursday, September 17, 2009

VIDEO: Alex Bleeker and the Freakshow @ Glasslands Gallery 09/14/09

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks (Nate "Skippy" Luce) played with Invisible Hand this past Sunday at Glasslands Gallery. Their super chillers set had us feeling like we were sitting around with buds at a campfire, praying the summer never ends. Watch Bleeker channel Jerry and Neil simultaneously, and feel the warmth in the vids that follow. Maybe you'll get that Indian summer you're wishin' for.

"King of the Mountain." Never goin' back to school."Never Goin' Back to School." Bennington love makes me sad sometimes. Bleek's got that nostalgia thing on lock.

"Beneath the Weeping Willow Tree" is a modified Liam the Younger cover. Jersey love for the Underwater Peeps bros.

This is a sad song called "Common Sense."

Watch out for the Freaks album due out in a few weeks on Underwater Peeps, and maybe if you're good, a preview track before then.

And catch Bleeker shredding bass in Real Estate at one of their 10 tour dates Girls later this fall, which he just informed me will include a show in Canada. International, bro, it's hapnun'.

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