Friday, May 28, 2010

VIDEO: White Car - "The Bridge"

Nu-Goth Dance Party
New video for White Car's song "The Bridge." White Car is a bay area industrial space-funk duo whose self-titled 16-minute EP was released February 16th via Rainbow Body Records. We have been enjoyin' it thoroughly since then. (Read this review of the White Car EP over at Visitation Rites.) Watch the video below:

Directed & Edited by
Produced by Thunder Horse Video

Thursday, May 20, 2010

MP3: How To Dress Well - "Decisions (feat. Yüksel Arslan)"

"Can't See My Own Face"We first heard How to Dress Well from the tracks with Cokc Dokc posted over on Friendship Bracelet last year. Always a mystery to us, HTDW's identity was quite elusive... until he sent some tracks over. Behind the music is Tom Krell, a delightfully charming fellow. We are always thrilled to receive music from this one. And apologize - especially to you, dear reader - for the delay in getting this to you.

How to Dress Well has received recent acclaim. From the Voice to P4K to Vistation Rites, everyone we talk to seems to be enthralled with these haunting, alien tunes. Here's "Decisions" featuring Yüksel Arslan from the Can't See My Own Face EP (their 7th!):

How To Dress Well - "Decisions (featuring Yüksel Arslan)"

Order the EP from their blog here. With every CDR, they send an original art booklet, links to secret cuts, etc. Seriously, so wonderful.

Check out this sick video by Jamie Harley (of Schmooze Blog):

MP3: Yim Yames - "My Sweet Lord"

"Hare Rama"
Like many of you, probably, I haven't really thought about Jim James (or "Yim Yames"... *barf*) much in a while. In fact, probably not since my high school BFF's took me to see Bright Eyes with My Morning Jacket in Jersey City ('03). Or, maybe more accurately, it was when he appeared in whiteface for Todd Haynes' I'm Not There, singing "Goin' to Acapulco" with Calexico.

Though cloying at times, Jim James is capable of some truly beautiful moments. His cover of "My Sweet Lord" is one of them:

It appears on his recent album Tribute To for George Harrison. Originally written and performed by Harrison in 1971, "My Sweet Lord" was a chart-topping success of a hit song. The song's chorus includes chanted verses of Hindu prayers, as Harrison intended the song as a general song of praise.

MP3: Nite Jewel - "Tonight"

"Come On Shake Yer Body Baby, Do Dat Conga"

Ramona Gonzalez is the beautiful mastermind behind Nite Jewel. Her new song, "Tonight," is a cover of Prophet's 1984 hit. It's offered free from Nite Jewel's website.

We know it's a superficial read but with the femme vocals and classic 80's dance beat, minus much of the Latina flair, does anyone else hear Gloria Estefan here? Come on shake yer body baby do that conga beat - unh!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

VIDEO: Ariel Pink - "Menopause Man" on 4AD Sessions

"Make Me a Turtle"
(image via 4AD)

Okay so it's no secret that Before Today, the new album from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, is a fabulous hit record with some really phenomenal tracks. But the one we've had stuck in our heads consistently for the past two weeks is "Menopause Man." Even though - in trademark P-HORSE style - we have gotten them wrong repeatedly, the lyrics are incredible. And strange. A great way to get alarmed sideglances from your "normie" coworkers is to repeatedly sing "make me a turtle,* fertile woman" (*maternal) and "rape me, castrate me, make me gay" to yourself all day.
So when 4AD posted their recent video session with Ariel Pink & co and our favorite song was featured, we squealed and gleefully peed ourselves with delight. Watch "Menopause Man" from the 4AD Sessions below:

Get the album Before Today on June 8th when it comes out via 4AD. Until then, check out this neat angelfire Ariel Pink site. Wowee.