Thursday, May 20, 2010

MP3: Yim Yames - "My Sweet Lord"

"Hare Rama"
Like many of you, probably, I haven't really thought about Jim James (or "Yim Yames"... *barf*) much in a while. In fact, probably not since my high school BFF's took me to see Bright Eyes with My Morning Jacket in Jersey City ('03). Or, maybe more accurately, it was when he appeared in whiteface for Todd Haynes' I'm Not There, singing "Goin' to Acapulco" with Calexico.

Though cloying at times, Jim James is capable of some truly beautiful moments. His cover of "My Sweet Lord" is one of them:

It appears on his recent album Tribute To for George Harrison. Originally written and performed by Harrison in 1971, "My Sweet Lord" was a chart-topping success of a hit song. The song's chorus includes chanted verses of Hindu prayers, as Harrison intended the song as a general song of praise.

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