Thursday, May 20, 2010

MP3: How To Dress Well - "Decisions (feat. Yüksel Arslan)"

"Can't See My Own Face"We first heard How to Dress Well from the tracks with Cokc Dokc posted over on Friendship Bracelet last year. Always a mystery to us, HTDW's identity was quite elusive... until he sent some tracks over. Behind the music is Tom Krell, a delightfully charming fellow. We are always thrilled to receive music from this one. And apologize - especially to you, dear reader - for the delay in getting this to you.

How to Dress Well has received recent acclaim. From the Voice to P4K to Vistation Rites, everyone we talk to seems to be enthralled with these haunting, alien tunes. Here's "Decisions" featuring Yüksel Arslan from the Can't See My Own Face EP (their 7th!):

How To Dress Well - "Decisions (featuring Yüksel Arslan)"

Order the EP from their blog here. With every CDR, they send an original art booklet, links to secret cuts, etc. Seriously, so wonderful.

Check out this sick video by Jamie Harley (of Schmooze Blog):

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