Thursday, May 13, 2010

VIDEO: Ariel Pink - "Menopause Man" on 4AD Sessions

"Make Me a Turtle"
(image via 4AD)

Okay so it's no secret that Before Today, the new album from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, is a fabulous hit record with some really phenomenal tracks. But the one we've had stuck in our heads consistently for the past two weeks is "Menopause Man." Even though - in trademark P-HORSE style - we have gotten them wrong repeatedly, the lyrics are incredible. And strange. A great way to get alarmed sideglances from your "normie" coworkers is to repeatedly sing "make me a turtle,* fertile woman" (*maternal) and "rape me, castrate me, make me gay" to yourself all day.
So when 4AD posted their recent video session with Ariel Pink & co and our favorite song was featured, we squealed and gleefully peed ourselves with delight. Watch "Menopause Man" from the 4AD Sessions below:

Get the album Before Today on June 8th when it comes out via 4AD. Until then, check out this neat angelfire Ariel Pink site. Wowee.

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