Friday, April 30, 2010

MP3: Guilty Ghosts - "Grand Illusions"

Last week over a delicious home-cooked meal at Visitation Rites' house, I was played a song by Brooklyn artist Guilty Ghosts. It opens with a super simple Garage Band beat which loops just a measure too long for comfort. The resulting effect is an eager listener's total unpreparedness for what follows: a jolting sonic boom of delicious, sinister noise a la Salem. (Which might account for our immediate affection for the tune.)

Guilty Ghosts - "Grand Illusions"

Check out Guilty Ghosts' (aka Tristan O'Donnell) website for release info, and you can pick up his tight little mix of some good familiar tracks, including one of P-HORSE's fave Cocteau Twins jams.

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