Thursday, April 8, 2010

MP3: Twin Sister - "Lady Daydream" + Live Video

"It Could All Be A Dream"
Lately I can't stop listening to this lovely Twin Sister song "Lady Daydream" off of their Color Your Life EP:

Twin Sister - "Lady Daydream"

Next week, after I've compulsively listened to this song on repeat a gazillion times, I will surely move onto another track off the album and develop a private obsession with that one. Just as it went down with Vampires With Dreaming Kids.

And I know I'm not alone on this! I remember at one point I heard from a few friends when we were all having this experience with "I Want A House," and soon after, another friend told me she too was listening to "Nectarine" on repeat for hours that morning. Which is great, because I felt like less of a freak, but it begs one question...

What is it about Twin Sister's songs that allures you into developing intense, obsessive crushes with each individual tune? Is it... the charmingly heartbreaking lyrics? The honey and smoke combination of Andrea and Eric's vocal harmonies backed by a gentle yet powerful driving rhythm section? By the time you've crushed heavily on each song, you've fallen so very in love with the entire album, you haven't had a chance to realize it.

Color Your Life was made available for free digital download by the band on March 30th. This warrants some explaining. The record's release, via Infinite Best Recordings, was originally slated for this date, March 30th, but was pushed to May 25th. However, a certain taste-makin' music site pre-emptively posted a lovely and praising album review on the 30th. Oops! Who's the goose! Thus the band - who are not only very talented and skilled musicians but wonderful people, each of them - graciously offered the free download. It will only be up there for less than a week longer now, so hurry up and start falling in love.

Whooaaa it's totally Kismet -- just as I was ruminating on my love for this song, Vistation Rites' Resident-Video-Chick-and-All-Around-Rad-Mamma-Jamma Sam Cornwell sent over this short and sweet video of Twin Sister performing "Lady Daydream" at the MICRO-PIXEL-RITES Unofficial SXSW Backyard Showcase Party:


So buy Twin Sister's Color Your Life EP from Infinite Best Recordings. Personally, we have pre-ordered the vinyl are verrry anxious for our copy to arrive.

'Til then, we will be waitin'.

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