Monday, April 26, 2010

VIDEO: Pure Ecstasy - Live at Tortilla Factory

"Caught You Lookin' Twice"
(photo via Erez Avissar)

Pure Ecstasy make music that I can best describe as music to make love to. I've tried to keep this thought private. Private meaning between me, my man, and my roommates. (Thin walls, naah I'm sayin??) Cos it feels creepy to tell dudes in a band, "Hey I make sweet sweet love on the regular to 5 MP3's of your music which loop on my iTunes 'Sexy Time Playlist' for hours," but I must now publicly attest: this is baby-makin' music. Serious. Try it.**

It's no secret that we love these guys. Nate Grace, Jesse Jenkins, and Austin Youngblood are three Texas-born gentlemen with Texas-sized hearts. You'll never meet better partiers, performers, story-tellers, lovers***, anywhere.

Last Saturday (04/17/10) they played the Tortilla Factory in Bushwick with Twin Sister and Weed Hounds, a show hosted by McGuzzle of Choc Bob. We captured this pure gold ecsperience via video tape-cassette-ribbon-media love:

Audio by Matthew Johnston. Get the whole set here.

** The ladies of PIXELHORSE ask that you please practice safe sex.
*** The ladies of PIXELHORSE do not know this from personal experience.