Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PiXELMiX: "Tomorrowland Mix" - Emilie Friedlander

With Peace and Love for Every Lonesome Oatful Zoner
We come to you bearing the fruitful mix of loving laborer Emilie Friedlander, frontwoman of LA BIG VIC and Altie Zoner herself. Here within is a sequence of jams so dear to her you must consider them the very fibers of thread that stitch together her heart, keeping it safe and whole. They teeter right on the edge of Spring-cum-Summer. Emilie says of them:
Here is a collection of songs that I've kept very very close to me over the years-- mostly introduced to me by friends, and mostly of the loner-psych variety. The dominant themes are love, God, and the beauty of a perfectly timed drum fill.

It is difficult to express how beautifully crafted, personal a mix this is. Without further ado, for you, and your aural pleasioscopies, here is:

"Tomorrowland" Mix - Emilie Friedlander

Download zip. (See comments below for tracklisting.)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ALBUM: LA BIG VIC - Actually

Too Many Rockers, Not Enough Lovers
Blowin' up, blowin' up! LA BIG VIC are exploding the interwebs lately with the recent release of their new music video for "Mr. Broken-Bird," a stellar in-studio at Newtown Radio, and a full-length Actually LP out today on Underwater Peoples. They've even garnered mention on MTV's alt-blog Iggy. MTV, that still means something to you, right??

So, need to catch up on all things awesomely LBV? You've come to the right place. First, check out their Swan7 session for Newtown Radio. It sounds gorgeous, fluid, and polished, and it begins with our fave LBV jam, "Save the Ocean":

Download the whole session: La Big Vic on Newtown Radio.

Next, watch their official music video:

Directed by Brooklyn video mulchist Luke Wyatt.

LA BIG VIC - "Mr. Broken Bird"

Finally, and most importantly, you need to get this album. Order LA BIG VIC's Actually LP here via Underwater Peoples. Words cannot express the hours of love and psychedelic tenderness that have been absolutely poured into the creation of this vinyl piece of gold. Remember "Musica" from their Shaking Through session? In case you forgot, we co-premiered that jam a few months back, and it closes out the album.

LA BIG VIC - "Musica"

We have like 4 copies of the record already, just in case there's a fire or flood or some other cataclysmic tragedy. Again, buy LBV's Actually LP here. Thank us later.