Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PiXELMiX: "Tomorrowland Mix" - Emilie Friedlander

With Peace and Love for Every Lonesome Oatful Zoner
We come to you bearing the fruitful mix of loving laborer Emilie Friedlander, frontwoman of LA BIG VIC and Altie Zoner herself. Here within is a sequence of jams so dear to her you must consider them the very fibers of thread that stitch together her heart, keeping it safe and whole. They teeter right on the edge of Spring-cum-Summer. Emilie says of them:
Here is a collection of songs that I've kept very very close to me over the years-- mostly introduced to me by friends, and mostly of the loner-psych variety. The dominant themes are love, God, and the beauty of a perfectly timed drum fill.

It is difficult to express how beautifully crafted, personal a mix this is. Without further ado, for you, and your aural pleasioscopies, here is:

"Tomorrowland" Mix - Emilie Friedlander

Download zip. (See comments below for tracklisting.)

1 comment:

  1. Steve Hillage: "Palm Trees (Love Guitar)"

    Amon Düül: "Green-Bubble-Raincoated-Man"

    Alexander "Skip" Spence: "War in Peace"

    Richard Schneider: "Illusion"

    International Feel: "Coptic Sun"

    Leland: "I've Got Some Happiness"

    The Electric Prunes feat. David Axelrod: "Holy Are You"

    The Incredible String Band: "Koeeddi There"

    Beauregard Ajax: "Loneliness Is A Sometimes Thing"

    Pink Floyd: "Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up" (From the Zabriskie Point soundtrack)

    Steve Gunn: "Over The Hill (John Martyn Cover)"