Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alex Bleeker, Julian Lynch & Ducktails @ Origami Vinyl

Tuesday evening, the marvelous Marissa Ross-curated show at Orgiami Vinyl brought Jersey a little closer to Los Angeles. Alex Bleeker, Julian Lynch, and Ducktails took to Orgiami's loft to jam out a free show before rocking the Woodsist fest at the Echo next door.

Ducktails played first, splitting his set between concise, low-key beach pop numbers (video of the opening song below) and a more expansive sample-oriented jam that dove into deeper musical waters. Fellow Real Estate agent Martin Courtney provided tambourine on the first set of songs.

Next up was Alex Bleeker, with support from Lynch on electric guitar and Ducktailer Matt Mondanile on tambourine (tambourine was really key that day). Bleeker played all the choice cuts from last year's excellent record with the Freaks ("Summer Song/Epilogue", "Part 2", "Animal Tracks"), as well as "Never Goin' Back" (video below).

Julian Lynch closed out the evening with an extended, droning jam. Peppering the low-frequency hum with delay-ridden bursts from a multitude of instruments and the occasional feedback squelch, it was a great contrast to Ducktails and Bleeker and the perfect ending to the evening.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mountain Man Release Long-Awaited Vinyl EP + MP3

"Can't You Understand I'm Tryina' Be a Good Woman?"
(cover art by Alex Sauser-Monnig)

Yesterday, Underwater Peoples Records began accepting pre-orders for the long-awaited "Sun Dog" EP from the three sirens who make up Mountain Man, a Bennington-College-born group that has warmed many of our hearts since its nascence. The fellers over at UPs Recs are clearly excited about this release, and we think they put it best when they say:
The women of Mountain Man smile when they sing, yell when they sing, touch when they sing and groan when they sing. It is the humanity behind their pristine harmonies that effects us so deeply.

Watch the promo video below, which includes a performance of "Mouthwings," the first b-side on the album:

Pre-order the album here. It comes on sea-foam marble vinyl. Delicious. That alone makes the purchase worth it, not to mention the gorgeous, haunting cover art. Accept this MP3, one of the newer tracks off the album, as further incentive to order the EP:

Last week the girls played a show at Living Room in NYC, and they will embark on a one-month-long tour (dates with Bear in Heaven, Twin Sister, and Deer Tick) that sees them returning to play a rooftop Brooklyn show August 13th. Much love to them on their travels.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

VIDEO/MP3: Coasting - "Kids"

"The Kids Are All Right"
Sooo apparently today is Super-Hot-Girls-And-Their-Videos Day over here at P-HORSE. Earlier we showed you Dum Dum Girls' new video for "Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout" made by the super talented and alluring Christin Turner. And now we have the amazing Alice Cohen's radical new animation for Madison and Fiona (yowza!) of Coasting's song "Kids":

I love the part in this song when the drums pick up near the end and it culminates in just what you were wanting the whole time - a shouty, messy, sweaty climax. It's so nice to be surrounded by so many talented females.

VIDEO: Dum Dum Girls - "Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout" + MP3's

"You're A Burnout, Too"
Dum Dum Girls remain one of my favorite bands out there. (Especially after I caught their show with Coasting, Frankie and the Outs, and Happy Birthday.) Their latest video for "Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout" was just released:

But really this is just an excuse for me to jerk off all over again about their full-length album I Will Be (via Sub Pop). Especially because director Christin Turner and the girls will be making a video for every song on the album.

Recently I fixed my broken receiver situation and was able to listen to the vinyls that have been sitting around collecting dust. I Will Be stayed on my table for four hours last Sunday. Everything about this record is so goddamn sexy - especially the physical thing itself. The dark red, semi-translucent marbled vinyl... it's like a fucking see-through bowling ball smashed down into a pancake. A thirty-minute pancake full of eleven beautiful '60s revival lo-fi pop punk songs. I want to sleep with it at night. And I would too, were it not for the fear of rolling over on it in the night and suffocating it like an infant.

After the faster, harder-hitting singles ("Jail La La," "Bhang Bhang...", "Yours Alone," etc.) there are slower-tempo'd songs that give the album more depth. These songs' contrast with the punkier tracks makes them hit harder - and right to the heart. Amongst these are my two very favorite tracks on the album, "Rest Of Our Lives" and "Blank Girl" (video) a b-side duet with Crocodiles' Brandon Welchez.

Ohh how I love to love them. It's just gorgeous, syrupy, sexed-up-60's pop music. You need to own this record.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MP3/VIDEO: CVLTS - "Luck Surf"

"Come On Feel the Hypnagogic Vibrations"
Mysterious duo CVLTS show their dark side with LVST, their album available for digital download via AMDISCS. Check out the video for the single "Luck Surf" below, consisting of re-edited footage from Maya Deren's "At Land," a 15-minute experimental performance film from 1944:

AMDISCS, in somewhat coherent English, describes LVST as a record that "fills into your brain sun-kissed hypnagogic synths through zoned out wandering for meeting yourself inside the universal soul behind the distorted cascades of sparkling reverbs seamlessly fluttering in the haze of purged eclipses permeating in subtle ways deep inside."

Yeah! Well! Here's the MP3 of "Luck Surf" which clocks in at almost 10 minutes: