Thursday, June 10, 2010

VIDEO/MP3: Coasting - "Kids"

"The Kids Are All Right"
Sooo apparently today is Super-Hot-Girls-And-Their-Videos Day over here at P-HORSE. Earlier we showed you Dum Dum Girls' new video for "Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout" made by the super talented and alluring Christin Turner. And now we have the amazing Alice Cohen's radical new animation for Madison and Fiona (yowza!) of Coasting's song "Kids":

I love the part in this song when the drums pick up near the end and it culminates in just what you were wanting the whole time - a shouty, messy, sweaty climax. It's so nice to be surrounded by so many talented females.

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  1. love this track and video. summer soon. check it out on my mix...