Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mountain Man Release Long-Awaited Vinyl EP + MP3

"Can't You Understand I'm Tryina' Be a Good Woman?"
(cover art by Alex Sauser-Monnig)

Yesterday, Underwater Peoples Records began accepting pre-orders for the long-awaited "Sun Dog" EP from the three sirens who make up Mountain Man, a Bennington-College-born group that has warmed many of our hearts since its nascence. The fellers over at UPs Recs are clearly excited about this release, and we think they put it best when they say:
The women of Mountain Man smile when they sing, yell when they sing, touch when they sing and groan when they sing. It is the humanity behind their pristine harmonies that effects us so deeply.

Watch the promo video below, which includes a performance of "Mouthwings," the first b-side on the album:

Pre-order the album here. It comes on sea-foam marble vinyl. Delicious. That alone makes the purchase worth it, not to mention the gorgeous, haunting cover art. Accept this MP3, one of the newer tracks off the album, as further incentive to order the EP:

Last week the girls played a show at Living Room in NYC, and they will embark on a one-month-long tour (dates with Bear in Heaven, Twin Sister, and Deer Tick) that sees them returning to play a rooftop Brooklyn show August 13th. Much love to them on their travels.

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