Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MP3/VIDEO: CVLTS - "Luck Surf"

"Come On Feel the Hypnagogic Vibrations"
Mysterious duo CVLTS show their dark side with LVST, their album available for digital download via AMDISCS. Check out the video for the single "Luck Surf" below, consisting of re-edited footage from Maya Deren's "At Land," a 15-minute experimental performance film from 1944:

AMDISCS, in somewhat coherent English, describes LVST as a record that "fills into your brain sun-kissed hypnagogic synths through zoned out wandering for meeting yourself inside the universal soul behind the distorted cascades of sparkling reverbs seamlessly fluttering in the haze of purged eclipses permeating in subtle ways deep inside."

Yeah! Well! Here's the MP3 of "Luck Surf" which clocks in at almost 10 minutes:


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