Thursday, June 10, 2010

VIDEO: Dum Dum Girls - "Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout" + MP3's

"You're A Burnout, Too"
Dum Dum Girls remain one of my favorite bands out there. (Especially after I caught their show with Coasting, Frankie and the Outs, and Happy Birthday.) Their latest video for "Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout" was just released:

But really this is just an excuse for me to jerk off all over again about their full-length album I Will Be (via Sub Pop). Especially because director Christin Turner and the girls will be making a video for every song on the album.

Recently I fixed my broken receiver situation and was able to listen to the vinyls that have been sitting around collecting dust. I Will Be stayed on my table for four hours last Sunday. Everything about this record is so goddamn sexy - especially the physical thing itself. The dark red, semi-translucent marbled vinyl... it's like a fucking see-through bowling ball smashed down into a pancake. A thirty-minute pancake full of eleven beautiful '60s revival lo-fi pop punk songs. I want to sleep with it at night. And I would too, were it not for the fear of rolling over on it in the night and suffocating it like an infant.

After the faster, harder-hitting singles ("Jail La La," "Bhang Bhang...", "Yours Alone," etc.) there are slower-tempo'd songs that give the album more depth. These songs' contrast with the punkier tracks makes them hit harder - and right to the heart. Amongst these are my two very favorite tracks on the album, "Rest Of Our Lives" and "Blank Girl" (video) a b-side duet with Crocodiles' Brandon Welchez.

Ohh how I love to love them. It's just gorgeous, syrupy, sexed-up-60's pop music. You need to own this record.

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