Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alex Bleeker, Julian Lynch & Ducktails @ Origami Vinyl

Tuesday evening, the marvelous Marissa Ross-curated show at Orgiami Vinyl brought Jersey a little closer to Los Angeles. Alex Bleeker, Julian Lynch, and Ducktails took to Orgiami's loft to jam out a free show before rocking the Woodsist fest at the Echo next door.

Ducktails played first, splitting his set between concise, low-key beach pop numbers (video of the opening song below) and a more expansive sample-oriented jam that dove into deeper musical waters. Fellow Real Estate agent Martin Courtney provided tambourine on the first set of songs.

Next up was Alex Bleeker, with support from Lynch on electric guitar and Ducktailer Matt Mondanile on tambourine (tambourine was really key that day). Bleeker played all the choice cuts from last year's excellent record with the Freaks ("Summer Song/Epilogue", "Part 2", "Animal Tracks"), as well as "Never Goin' Back" (video below).

Julian Lynch closed out the evening with an extended, droning jam. Peppering the low-frequency hum with delay-ridden bursts from a multitude of instruments and the occasional feedback squelch, it was a great contrast to Ducktails and Bleeker and the perfect ending to the evening.

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