Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mystica Maxima
LA BIG VIC have a new song out via Shaking Through. It premieres this morning on our beloved The Fader dot com.

Check out the video from their session. It's hilaaarious:

Musica was essentially LA BIG VIC's first song, originally performed in rudimentary form at one of Market Hotel's first Cosmic Yoga rooftop parties. In writing/recording it, LBV started out with a fast kind of new wave dance song but they slowed it down when they realized the synth line sounded a lot like the song "Neon" by German synth artist Michael Bundt. It has since morphed into a slow and heavy, dark song that is certainly the deepest and saddest in LBV's repertoire thus far. Musica is the closing track from their upcoming album Actually via Underwater Peoples.

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