Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MP3: Tera Melos - "Manar the Magic"

Zoo Weather
The "math rock" genre is evolving. Popular contemporary acts like Tera Melos, Marnie Stern and even Battles are finding more advanced algorithms and complex grand theories to make white people even more awkward dancers.

Tera Melos have just released a brand new album, Zoo Weather. Originally the EP was intended to be a precursor for their 2010 full-length Patagonian Rats. There’s a lot of good stuff on here. Sonically the tracks are very complex and the harmonizing is on point. "Manar The Magic" is featured both in its original form along with two remixes (one from Melt-Banana) and as a beautiful acapella version to close out the album. The song centers around a melodic build-up that leads to a refreshing cathartic climax akin to AnCo’s “In the Flowers” or Nilsson’s “Without You.”

Tera Melos - "Manar the Magic"

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