Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ALBUM: Low - C'mon

LOW are essentially the Miss Congeniality of shoegaze bands. C'mon is their ninth full length album and third on Sub Pop:
Comprised of new material written on and off the road, the ten-song set was recorded in a former Catholic church, aka Sacred Heart Studio (where the band previously crafted 2002’s Trust). Sparhawk says Low deliberately seeks out circumstances that will generate challenges and happy accidents, breaking them out of established patterns. “We like to work in situations where there’s a character, whether that’s the time period or who we’re working with. A lot of times, the space can set that tone.”

The album follows their recognizable style of slow brooding rhythms with subtle uses of effects and beautiful male/female vocal harmonizing. There is an empathetic sadness that is conveyed while listening to something so slow and melodic, a sadness that could be potentially be achieved by playing a Vampy Weekend song at half speed. One gets hypnotized into a Zen-like trance by the slow pulsing rhythms in songs like "Especially Me" and "Nightingale." While the music isn't particularly dark in timbre, it is in theme. Low has spent the last eight years tapping into this advanced level of slow emotive pop, and it just keeps getting better.

Here's a preview of one of our picks:

"Try to Sleep"
"You See Everything"
"Especially Me"
"Nothing But Heart"
"Something's Turning Over"

C'mon will be released on 12 April 2011 (11 April in Europe). Visit the band's site to watch a trailer for the album and pre-order it here.

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