Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SHOW: LA BIG VIC @ Goodbye Blue Monday Tomorrow 04/07/10!

"HEY YO!"LA BIG VIC is playing a show tomorrow night at Goodbye Blue Monday (1087 Broadway in Bushwick) opening at 8pm. They're headlining with sweet psych openers such as Chmmr When Agitated and Moonwalk. This will be such an enjoyable evening, full of long beautiful electronic tunes that will pull your head in so many different directions you won't be able to get home on your own. So basically what I'm saying is you're guaranteed to get laid. Oh, and it's fucking FREE.

Here's a peek at one of our favorite recent sounds:

LA BIG VIC - HEYO (Silver Morning).mp3

There's even a F-book invite. How lovely!

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