Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chairlift @ Emo's 09/11/09

Bunny here. So I just moved to Austin recently, and right away I get wise to a Chairlift and Micachu show set for 09/11/09 at Emo's downtown. Not a few months ago Lucky Child and I were turned away from a sold out Micachu show at Pianos in NYC. This time, I bought tickets in advance only to arrive and find out that there would be no Micachu. Not that night. Not there. No sir. I was more than disappointed.

But I got over it.

Chairlift was out of control amazing. Caroline Polachek is an undeniable star. Her stage presence is huge; her beauty and talent boundless. The band - comprised of Polachek, Aaron Pfenning, and bassist Kyle McCabe - formed while Polachek and Pfenning were at the University of Colorado. They started playing together in a haunted house at a Halloween party. Pfenning is no slouch himself. His singing and guitar playing are worth noting, but sadly, his talent was completely overshadowed by the enormity of Polachek's.

Their set-list included faves, such as: "Evident Utensil" (holla to Harper Lee!!), "Planet Health" (my personal favorite), "Earwig Town", "Garbage" and they ended with (sadly, of course, half the crowd only came for this hit) "Bruises." Polachek luckily salvaged this mega hit for those "full album fans" by grabbing some stix and totally wailing on the drums.


  1. clear red aura = powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual, passionate

  2. Great review! LOVE the photos too