Monday, September 14, 2009

Your Nature @ The Annex 09/09/09

Your Nature (formerly Frankpollis) returned to play their first show at the Annex since their month-long residency there this past May. The band was confident and comfortable in the venue that they, by now, know so well. They even came complete with their lil posse of female hotties who bounced and sang along front and center, to hits such as "Cherokee Blood" (which some of us know as a Lux Perpetua Look Alike original) and "Triangle Eyes." But it wasn't their hits that stood out at this show as much as it was the new tracks they performed, "Slow Summer" and "Good Face." Both tracks show how the band is truly evolving from Frankpollis to Your Nature, and the markedly growing presence of Mr. Malcolm Perkins. The Pixelwhores feel this is a sign of good things to come for Your Nature. Can't wait to see what these guys do next.

Check out the band's myspace and more vids of the show to come.

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