Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PiXELMIX: "He Didn't Care And Neither Did She" MP3

(for Eric)
PiXELMIX: "He Didn't Care And Neither Did She"

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Tracklist in the comments below:

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  1. M83 - "Reunion"
    Girls - "Alex"
    Big Troubles - "Misery"
    Dead Gaze - "Take Me Home Or I Die Alone"
    Comet Gain - "Love Without Lies"
    The Kinks - "Long Tall Shorty"
    Cass McCombs - "The Same Thing"
    The Stills Young Band - "Long May You Run"
    Elton John - "Seasons"
    Donovan - "Catch The Wind"
    Brian Eno - "I’ll Come Running"
    Beach House - "I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun"
    Girls - "Vomit"
    Animal Collective - "Doggy/Hey Light (BBC Session 2007)"
    Korallreven - "As Young As Yesterday (Panda Bear Remix)"
    "Over My Dead Body" (Interlude)
    EMA - "Marked"
    Sneaky Sound System - "Always By Your Side (Nicolas Jaar Remix)"
    Crystal Stilts - "Sycamore Tree"
    Built to Spill - "You Are"
    Laurie Anderson - "O Superman (for Massenet)"
    Davie Bowie - "Moss Garden"
    Galaxie 500 - "Fourth of July"
    Dalida - "Bang Bang (Nancy Sinatra Cover)"