Thursday, April 9, 2009

bang something

No need to feel depressed, my Puerto Rican lover. Remember this?

Simpler times, boricua. Or maybe not.

Check out the new Dirty Projectors album, Bitte Orca. Maybe you already got it. I'm at work and can't download rar's, so I put it up just for you, just in case. You can tell me how great it is.
Here's the tracklist:
01. Cannibal Resource
02. Temecula Sunrise
03. The Bride
04. Stillness Is The Move
05. Two Doves
06. Useful Chamber
07. No Intention
08. Remade Horizon
09. Fluorescent Half Dome

Wonder what Bitte Orca means. I know bitte is German for please/thankyou/welcome, but apparently it can also be "a nautical mooring post," which makes sense if they mean orca in terms of the whale. Please, whale, danke!

Did you know you can "monetize" your blog? As in, get ads, make money make money money? We just need to put up tags like hot naked honeys girl on girl action, mmm. Let's cash in, baby.

No, not really, let's not.