Tuesday, April 14, 2009


so i want to talk about andrew bird for a min.
what is the deal with him? i feel like there is this whole world of people who love him.
and they don't just love him, they LOOVE him.
i guess whenever i heard about him i always felt like, to start liking him would mean having to join this hard core andrew bird cult.
which is why i always dismissed him.
but ben just sent me this video and first of all, no one ever told me how HOT he is!! um, hello!
(weirdly not photogenic though. i wanted to post a picture on here of him, but he just looks like a hobo in all of them)
and second of all, he's quite a talented musician.

after all that i guess i should admit that i'm still not ready to let him into my ipod or anything.
.....maybe after he meets my parents.