Thursday, July 30, 2009

Austin City Limits Fest

So my first Austin music experience is one day of the music fest Austin City Limits.
I'm going on Friday. Pretty cool line-up:

Kings of Leon
John Legend
Andrew Bird
The Walkmen
Dr. Dog
etc. etc. etc.

It was a toss up between Friday and Sunday. Saturday was sold out due to Dave Matthews Band. (Vom!)
Sunday bands are:

Girl Talk
Sonic Youth
Passion Pit
Heartless Bastards
The Dodos

The tie breaker for me was really Kings of Leon & Phoenix. Though something feels wrong about seeing them without LUCKY CHILD. Especially KOL. I think maybe lucky should come visit and we can scream out the lyrics in a sea of Austin yuppies and bros. I wonder if Austin even has yuppies and bros!?!?

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  1. This looks incredible! Can't wait to see the pics and posts from it!