Monday, August 23, 2010

VIDEO: Radiohead Live in Prague

A Fan-Made Project

On August 23rd, 2009 a group of Radiohead fans descended on the Výstaviště Holešovice Exhibition Hall in Prague on a mission - to capture the band playing using as many different angles as possible. Bringing together the exceptional talents of many contributors, here is the result:

Last night, the entire set was posted. This thing has been in the works for months! A cross-continent editing operation, the project was shot on every kind of video format available, from cell phone to handycam, from photo JPEG to H264 - sort of an editor's nightmare. While the audio masters were generously provided by the band, cutting it all together was a huge undertaking, all done by volunteers - fanatics really. I know this because I work with one of them. I've watched him stay nights and weekends to see this whole thing through and it's been inspiring. "By the fans, for the fans." There is something beautiful about that.

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