Thursday, August 26, 2010

MP3: Ducktails - "Art Vandelay"

"Everybody Knows"
Everybody knows... this song to be a Real Estate song. Well, you do if you've seen them perform it regularly in their sets from the last year or so. But it's a Ducktails jam, actually! Although this recorded version is decidedly more bedroom-y (a la old Ducktails one-man-band style), "Art Vandelay" definitely feels like a Mondanile-penned Real Estate song. (Though it should be noted it is not new or uncommon for them to play Matt Mondanile's solo project Ducktails' songs.) It's the one we'd leave their shows singing, Everybody knowwws, somethin somethin somethinnn...

Ducktails - "Art Vandelay"

And we still can not get it out of our heads. Seriously, it's been months.

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