Thursday, February 24, 2011

VIDEO: John Maus - Secret Performance 02/11/11

Do Your Best
Surely by now you have witnessed the Brooklyn uproar over John Maus' recent hiatus from his infamously reclusive life as a hermit in god-knows-where. Some mp3's were leaked, some album details were released, and he played a few shows in BK last weekend. Sweet, right?

Last Friday, February 11th, I went to shoot the super secret John Maus show. Halfway through the night I found myself having a semi-religious experience and ended up giving my camera to Boots from Weird Magic to take video for the night. I guess cos he's tiny and adorable like that. Anyhow, I watched as he scampered off into the crowd, crawled under and through the legs of adoring front-row Mausers, and positioned himself up there in the thick of it. On Monday they posted a sweet AfterEffects-heavy vid of "Pure Rockets", so I thought I'd throw up the rest of what I got from that evening, for y'all to see what this experience was like.*

Let's start off with everyone's favorite -- the always beautiful, always heart-breaking "Do Your Best":

Next we get to witness the moment directly after someone leaned on Maus' sampler, which he was using to basically sing karaoke over his recordings for the entire set. The song cuts out abruptly and begins the next one, so you can imagine how shocking this was to the flow of the performance, as well as to the performer himself. Hear him shouting "mother fucker" and various other choice obscenities at the beginning of this next vid before diving into "Rights for Gays." Amazing:

Hopefully by now you have a sense of what a shit show this whole thing was. Although it was not really captured on video, here is PIXELHORSE's ultimate fave Happy Maus tune "My Whole World's Coming Apart" which segues into the Gatorade-fueled, ever sunny "Time to Die":

* Please excuse the camera shake. (We can't all shoot rock-steady like me, right??) I heavily filtered some of this to make it a little easier on the eyes... then at a certain point I had to give up.

Here are some fucking photos:

Who does that fucking asswad in the background think he is...

Ray Concepcion?? LOOK at this guy!!


This hurt him more than it hurt you, you shithead you.

Was truly a weird and magical evening.

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