Friday, February 11, 2011

VIDEO: Vivian Girls - "I Heard You Say"

I'm So ColdSpeaking as someone whose day job (let's face it, "career") is in the commercial post-production industry, I can't help but notice how much CRAP there is being flung at me in the form of indie music videos. There have been so, so many music videos being churned out lately that are complete shit. Really unoriginal, low-grade, boring, redundant works made with little to no creative effort or technological skill set. It's sort of exhausting. Furthermore, for an editor, a music video is one of the easiest types of video to output - just cut to the music.

I say all that to emphasize the point that "I Heard You Say" is a fantastic music video. Granted, not every band out there has the budget and resources of such a super popular band as the Viv Girls, but they have never failed to uphold a certain stylistic standard of excellence. They are never lazy or under-produced. Take even the video for "Never Come Around" from Katy Goodman's side project La Sera. Amazing! And the song is arguably mediocre. Point being, even if one dislikes the Vivian Girls' music or taste, it is still possible to appreciate their aesthetic values, which are unflinching:

Vivian Girls - "I Heard You Say"


  1. One of the best new vids thus far. Excellent images and the Vivian Girls the perfect context. You are so right, this is heads above the crowd. Great song.

  2. P.S. The director is Tim Fiore