Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kid Sister Video "Right Hand Hi" Bites Artist Duo Sweatshoppe Harrrd

Creative multimedia duo Sweatshoppe (Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy - two super talented dudes) released "The Landing," the first video of a series that showcases their new video painting technology. Check them out:

These boys are the real deal, having written software that tracks the physical paintroller, maps out its track, and replaces what it "paints." This is all done in real time, or "live." (Meaning: not in post-production, not in editing, not after-the-fact.) As a result of the huge success of "The Landing," Sweatshoppe will perform at SCOPE Miami during Art Basel.

Which brings us to this, which has been pissing us off. The new Kid Sister music video directed by Sarah Chatfield for "Right Hand Hi" basically rips off Sweatshoppe's new hotness, but in a sleazy lame club rat way:

This shit must have been done in post-production. If you can find evidence of the contrary, I implore you to send it my way.

Shiiit. Kid Sister is striking out lately.

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