Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks Album Cover Art

Check it out! The new Alex Bleeker and the Freaks LP cover = Jersey bros chillin' pool-side + photoshopped psychedelia + Bleek looking king-of-the-mountain-esque. Dude needs a chalice or a pimp cup or some shit. The album comes out 11/27 on <3Underwater Peoples<3.

PS: Bro-fest con-test! Cruise over to Chocolate Bobka and win a prize if you can name all the haaandsome dudes in the photo. (HINT: a certain fella holding a dog - now, we won't tell you WHICH! - is a direct descendant of Elvis Presley.) While you're there you can treat yourself to a tasty excerpt "Dead On."

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