Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MP3: Speculator - "Trip Wilson"

Speculator sent over some rad jams for your aural pleasure. And we likey. Feast on this fave:

Speculator - "Trip Wilson".mp3

Speculator's been blowing up the intertubes lately with some serious blog lovin' and we were tickled when we first heard 'em on the last Friendship Bracelet mix. Upcoming full-length album on Wet Merchants will be available "by the end of the month." Also be on the lookout for their tape with the P-WHORES' other recent flames LukePerry.

Oh what's that - that's not enough for you? You're thirsting for more like a bloodhungry wench?? Fine, fine, I don't blame ya. Go for it. Get more HERE and HERE.

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