Friday, December 11, 2009

RUN DMT - Bong Voyage

Maybe you've heard of this lil acid-trip known as RUN DMT, cos shit has been gettin' arooouuund as of late. Listed influences include:
"weed, infomercials, lexx, happy FAM, ashley purse-is-yellow, monica miracles, the midwest... dirt, best coast, snacks, adrian orange, orange soda, little kiddos, tamnma musical boxes, tornado warnings, wearing pretty dresses, prince RAMAAAAAAAAA..."

Bong Voyage
, an extremely listenable psychedelia hotflash, is at times creepy but all-around fun for the whole fucked-up fam. Download the whole album here.

Also DEM HUNGER remixed one track "Money":

RUN DMT - "Money" (DEM HUNGER remix)


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