Wednesday, December 9, 2009

VIDEO: BOAT @ Bruar Falls 11/14/09

(image via BV)

BOAT, a Seattle band, recently made one of its few NYC jaunts to play a couple shows in November. This footage is from their Bruar Falls show on November 14:

"We've Been Friends Since 1989" is one of their more recently faved songs off of the 2009 release Setting the Paces.

"I threw up twice again last night - once to get sick and once to get right. I guess we'll need four beds for BOAT..." Yeah, as promised, "Four Beds for BOAT" (Topps 7") clearly IS a song about puking. With such a frank opening line, this tune finally hooked me into the show. I started to see BOAT on a more personal level. Lead singer D. Crane's scratchy voice hints at many a night spent with his head in the bucket, after raging hard. Who can't relate to that??

BOAT is on Magic Marker Records. Get their albums here.

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