Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MP3: Mount McKinley - "The Beach," "Boxes & Bags"

"Cos 'Tits McGee' Was Already Taken"
Mount McKinley is a Jersey duo with guitarist/vocalist Dylan White and Joe Bland on drums. But careful - just bland and white these boys are not. (Haa, sorry, just had to.) Rumors have surfaced regarding the origin of the band's name. One theory is that it comes from the nickname given to a certain band member's mother in high school cos she was, er, well-endowed in the chestular region. We think that's awesome. Check out the tunes below and feast on some lo-fi gazey goodness that will surely get your head a-bobbin'.

Mount McKinley - "The Beach"

Mount McKinley - "Boxes & Bags"

I've been jamming to "The Beach" on repeat. The vocals in "Boxes & Bags" work well once they become smothered with that warm haze and are engulfed by the cymbals and guitar.

Mount McKinley has also gotten some recent love from Get Off the Coast. Keep an ear out for an upcoming track from a side project tentatively titled "Tall Boys" with Kenny from Byrds of Paradise, another NJ native. These are some good times for the garden state. Jersey love.

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